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The perfect solution to the problem of urinary incontinence..

Hycare Adult Diaper help people live a fuller and normal life. Hycare Adult Diapers has extra advanced locking layers and double layered absorption core.

  • Extra locking layer
  • Refastenable tapes
  • Super absorption
  • Unisex Adult diapers
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One pack of Hycare premium diaper consists of 10 tape-style diapers for adults, specifically designed for people who suffer from light or mild incontinence. It can deal with urinary or bladder incontinence problems very effectively. Our product is equipped with netted channels that are created to provide dry and soft experience to our users. The diapers are composed of such substances that remove the foul odour and keep your intimate regions safe and bacteria-free. The diapers come with a double protective layer that safeguards the user from any kind of leakage and is also good for people with extra sensitive skin. Our diapers are suitable for all types of users, both male or female.

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11 reviews for Hycare Adult Diapers

  1. Chandra Singh

    Highly recommended diapers especially for night usage. Absorbency and fitting is very good.

  2. Vikshit Sharma

    Hycare adult diapers have good fitting. They have one of the best waistbands we have ever used. A stand out among the best adult diapers in the market.

  3. Ramesh Guatam

    High absorption and the tallest leak guards ever. The netted channels not only locks urine but also provide an odour free experience. Thanks Hycare!!

  4. Suraj Shah

    Hycare has one of most absorbent driest topsheet compared to other diapers. I have tried many but Hycare Adult Diapers are the best.

  5. Manoj Shetty

    Hycare Adult Diapers became a boon for my Grand Mother. She is suffering from sever urination problem. Hycare diapers provide her a solution to her embarrassing problems. Thanks!!

  6. Arjun Shastri

    With netted channels and extra locking layer Hycare Adult Diapers are still one of the best adult diapers in the market. I personally experienced the best quality product after my Prostate Operation and it’s really the biggest help.

  7. Preeti Gupta

    Best selling breathable-backed diaper. It combines great features such as front and rear waist bands, a soft but sturdy outer cover. It also promotes skin dryness.

  8. Shridhar Pandit

    Adult diapers are undoubtedly a boon for people who are bedridden, disabled, or paralysed. My father-in-law is suffering from such a severe urinary tract infection. One of my friends advised me to use Hycare Adult Diapers for him. And it is really a big help. Thanks a lot!!

  9. Khana Aggarwal

    Hycare Adult Diapers claims have some key features like 10 hours of protection, cloth-like breathable sides along with netted channels. It turns the fluid into a gel and also helps with odour control. I am well satisfied with the product.

  10. Amith Rajput

    As a doctor I recommend these diapers to all of my adult patients. As it locks in the urine, the chances of bacteria thriving is less, which lowers the risk fo skin irritation or infection. Also it has a good fitting with Refastenable tapes.

  11. Rohit Palav

    I bought it for my dad who cant move properly nowadays.its a good product. Absorb 80 percentage. Happy with this.

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