Soft & Comfortable
Soft & Comfortable
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Soft And Comfortable

Why Choose Hycare Adult diapers

When Hygiene meets care.

Soft and Comfortable
Soft and comfortable waist panels and pads provide that discreet yet comfortable fit and feel.
Netted Channels
Comes with netted channels that quickly locks urine and inhibits odors and gives you a dry experience.
Extra Locking Layer
Extra Locking Layer allows for easy and even absorption of fluids keeping the surface dry.
Refastenable Tapes
Refastenable tapes are provided to give you a perfect snug fit and prevent episodes of leakage.
Super Absorption
Made of material that absorbs the light flow of fluid and allows it to evaporate from the skin easily.
Unisex Adult Diapers
Unisex adult diapers that offer comfort to both men and women and also keep their skin safe and comfy.

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  Extra locking layer

   Refastenable tapes

   Super absorption

   Unisex Adult diapers

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Super Deals in Festive season


  Extra locking layer

   Refastenable tapes

   Super absorption

   Unisex Adult diapers

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In The Begining

About us

“You say Care, We say with Comfort’

We are manufacturer and exporter of World Class Disposable Surgical Products / Medical Devices and Hospital Wear Products.Our organization is committed to providing the best quality products ensuring the highest care to our users. We are the undisputed leader in the adult diaper category.

Asking the Experts

Frequently Asked Question

Why should an adult wear a diaper?

One of the reasons medical diapers for adults exist is to maintain hygiene. When wearing an adult diaper, you can assure relaxation to yourself.

Hycare adult diapers are manufactured in such a way that it doesn’t harm the sensitive skin, rather it will provide you comfortable sleep.

How often should one change the diapers?

Usually, each diaper lasts for upto 6 to 8 hours. It basically depends upon the discharge of urine. The diaper can take 2-3 passes of urine at least. So, you should change the diaper atleast after 6 hours or whenever your diaper feels wet.

Is it ok to wear diapers 24*7?

Usually one should change diapers after 6 to 8 hours butif the diaper is spoiled by faeces, then change it immediately. As far as wearing diapers for the whole day is concerned then it advisable for someone who is facing the problem of continuous urination whether in a less quantity or the person is bed-ridden for any reason. But one should change the diapers whenever required to avoid any kind of irritation or infection.

Is your diaper suitable to all body types?

Yes, we have used the best quality raw material in the manufacturing of these diapers so it is suitable for all body types and for both males & females.

Hycare adult diapers are made using the softest cotton and layered with thin fabric for keeping your skin safe and irritation free.

What is your diaper absorption capacity?

Hycare Adult Diapers are manufactured in such a way that they provide the best absorption capacity which will give you an all-day dry experience.

It also prevents bad odor and also keeps your intimate areas hygienic. Our diapers are tested with heavy flows and resulted very effective regarding absorption capacity.

What They Say About Us


People have sent us thousands of satisfaction stories. Here are some of the most amazing personal experiences from some of our regular users.

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The Hycare adult diapers come in premium quality because of its maximum absorbency design and the most affordable price.

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